The Diverse Capabilities of XCELLFORM Translucent Materials

XCELLFORM TRANSLUCENT MATERIALS provides high definition and exquisite designs, our panels creatively encapsulate colors, organic, metallic, artisan, and any type of materials and radiates like a precious jewel when lit, opening new design possibilities and fulfill your vision where you can combine high design with total freedom.

Formable resin panels that let you play with endless combinations of colors, texture, and light. It is a revolutionary material Architects & Designers love its ability to hold layer upon layer of colors, patterns, images, and textiles. It has layers you can color, or leave clear. Then add patterns, colors, and interlayers, and watch your own unique vision come to life.

Hundreds of comprehensive collections of translucent colors to choose from for design applications. Combine any hue with our Whites, Diffusions, Interlayers, and Effects to create something entirely yours.  Our translucency can be left clear, or colored with a range of timeless options, or add patterns to make it unique.

With Aspacform, your innovation has no limits.

We can provide such as…


Create brilliant possibilities when you introduce light to

these solid surfaces are saturated with your choice of luminous colors.