EXCELLBOND is based on technological innovation, it has created and promoted the brand management philosophy of the company’s branded products, quality assurance”, it has a perfect quality assurance system, selects high-quality raw and auxiliary materials and devotes itself to technological innovation.

XCELLBOND It is an Inter-national High-Quality Aluminium. One of the main suppliers of decorative materials such as Cladding, Veneer Wood like Board, Ceiling & Acoustic Panel. Our company specializes in R & D, production and sales of high quality new green environmental protection building decoration materials and new advertising logo materials. Adhering to innovation as the core of corporate brand culture, it is a total solution provider covering new materials and installation systems covering the construction, decoration, and advertising industries


Wood like Board Veneer product is a new type of high-quality material that is formed by perfect hot-press composite moulding of the beautiful board base after treatment with imported environmentally friendly decorative films.

This product has the characteristic of the fire resistance, moisture resistance, environmental protection 0 formaldehyde, antifouling and scratch resistance, and convenient installation. it is a new decorative material that replaces wood, It has a strong competitive advantage in the interior and exterior areas where wood veneer is widely used. It is suitable for use in a large public building such as office buildings, commercial spaces, hospitals, star hotels, airports, and subways.


XCELLBOND CEILING Film-coated metal plate is a product of imported environmentally friendly decorative film that uses metal materials as the base materials and restores various finishes. The product overcomes the shortcomings of single colour and cold colour of interior decorative materials.

Not only is it novel in shape, diverse in variety and rich in texture but also has a structured-structure, which has a unique advantage in replacing other surgical finish materials.

XCELLBOND Cladding Aluminium, this product is a new type A2 fire safety material for high-end wall decoration. Mining high-quality aluminium- magnesium Taiwan gold fluorocarbon polyester mesh board as the surface. Special low smoke, halogen-free, non-combustible inorganic mineral-filled core material manufactured through advanced technology is a safe, pollution free, green and environmentally friendly green building material.

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Application Product:

Curtain wall fireproof aluminium composite board used in large public stadiums abroad. Ensure the fire safety venues. Cladding