Explore The World of XCELL METAL ART Interior Finishes

XCELL METAL ART are versatile and durable in many applications, and typically more cost-efficient than wood, drywall, and other materials. They can do more than serve as column covers, partitions, and drop ceilings. Some of the more innovative uses, such as murals, floating ceilings, and wall panels with embedded digital images, murals, and even sculpture. XCELL METAL ART products can be used in a dynamic way, creating movement within spaces. 

XCELL METAL ART can do anything with metal. It’s sustainable. It’s lightweight. It’s clean & easy to form. We can make it look warm; we can make it look inviting. There are ways to create modular shapes and beautiful, organic finishes on metals.”

Another plus is a large number of finishes available for metal products.

With Aspacform, your innovation has no limits.